Pink Hockey Sticks – Check Out This Fine Selection

Pink Hockey SticksIf you’re after pink hockey sticks then look no further. Here we’ve compiled some of the top pink hockey sticks available for both seniors and juniors alike, and hopefully one of them is just the sort of thing you’re after. Take a look:

TPS Response RW1 Pink Wood Hockey Sticks

For the seniors, there’s this Response RW1 Pink Wood Stick by TPS. Its multi-lamination Birch shaft offers consistent flex and the pro wood blade is reinforced with fiberglass to ensure optimal stiffness. These pink hockey sticks are available for a very affordable price and even benefits breast cancer awareness. If this is what you’re after, click here.

Pink Field Hockey Sticks

Next, for the juniors, there’s the Grays Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick. That’s the 34” modelGrays Surf 500 Field Hockey Stick (Color/Length=Pink-36") but a 30” model is also available. Grays is a top brand within the world of hockey and these sticks are no exception. They consist of wood, making them lighter and thinner: ideal for youngsters. And best of all, of course, they come in pink! You can get the 34” model here and the 30”pink hockey sticks here.

Cranbarry Falcon Field Pink Hockey Sticks

Cranbarry Falcon Field Hockey StickNext up, available in a number of sizes, is the Falcon Field Hockey Stick by Cranbarry. It has an extended short grip and is very well balanced and weighted. It’s a very reliable stick, great for middle school players and comes in a gorgeous pinky-purple. Click here to find out more.

Brine C200 Composite Field Hockey Sticks

Finally, if you’ve got the budget, you’ll want to take a look at the C200 Composite Field Hockey Stick by Brine. It has an aramide-reinforced face and edges to reduce wear andBrine C200 Senior Composite Field Hockey Stick the whole composite consists of carbon, aramide and fiberglass, creating a superior balance and feel. Overall, one of the top sticks out there and it comes in a lovely deep purple/pink. You can find out more by clicking here.

Pink Hockey Sticks are Cool!

As you can see, there’s quite a fine selection of pink hockey sticks available, so which one is it going to be? Whether you’re a serious hockey player or simply want a stick to practice with, not only are these hockey sticks great to play with, but they look good too! Grab yourself one of these pink hockey sticks today and start introducing a bit of style to a hockey field near you. Your competitors will know you mean business with bright pink hockey sticks like these! Go and show them who’s boss!

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